Living inspiring, healthier lives at home with a voracious appetite for joy in the kitchen

What is Nom?


“Om nom nom,” or simply “nom,” is used to express the enjoyment of eating and can be used as a verb, a noun or a standalone comment.

Appropriately enough, the phrase was first coined by the most ravenous of all the Muppets, Cookie Monster. Best known for his insatiable appetite for choc chip cookies, Cookie Monster has a catchphrase that goes along with his snacking: “om nom nom”.

NOM reflects our deep passion for the joys of home cooking.

NOM is an online food magazine celebrating life through home cooking and kitchen intel.

We aim to inform and inspire the joy of home cooking, from budget-friendly or complex, occasion-worthy recipes to cooking know-how to product reviews.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire you to cook more, and get offline and enjoy the special space in the kitchen.

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